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•  Extra Large capacity
•  Tri-Action Washing
•  Polypropylene Wash Tub

•  10 Automatic Cycles
•  6 Wash Cycles (Regular, Permanent Press, Knits/Delicates, Soak, Prewash, Permanent Press prewash)
•  4 Wash/Rinse Temperature Combinations (Hot/Cold, Warm/Cold, Warm/Warm)
•  3 Agitate/Spine Speeds in Timer
•  3-Position water level Control
•  Self-cleaning lint Filter
•  Safety Spine Lock
•  Spill Saver Top
•  Balanced Dry System
•  4 Auto Dry Cycles (Regular, Permanent Press, knits/Delicates, No Heat)
•  4 Timed Dry Cycles (Regular, Permanent Press, Knits/Delicates, Air Fluff)

•  4 Temperature Options (High, Medium, Low, No Heat)
•  Dura-Finish Drum
•  Quick Clean lint Filter
•  4 Leveling Legs
•  End-of-Cycle Signal
•  Reversible Dryer Door
•  Front Serviceability
•  White Color


The space-saving MET1041ZA combines a washer and a dryer in one convenient unit that can be placed in a narrow space or even in a closet in an apartment or home.

Tri-Action Washing , which creates maximum circulation by the motion of the wash tub and agitator, provides more thorough cleaning of your laundry. The MET1041 offers practical features with 6 Wash Cycles, 4 Auto Dry Cycles, 4 Timed Dry Cycles, and a Quick Clean Linter Filter.

The Balanced Dry System pulls heated air through holes in the back of the drum so that it can travel around laundry for more even drying. The Dura-Finish Drum has a smooth surface that is chip-resistant to protect laundry from being snagged.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your laundry is being cleaned and dried thoroughly and safely in a Gibson electric laundry center!

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